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Our draping experts know how to bring a dramatic change into an ordinary venue which is why our drapers apply unique and innovative ideas that transforms the area into an extraordinary space.

CME prides itself in exceptional draping delivery, our draping is fire retardant and skirted in a neat and professional finish, so before arranging anything call CME for a affordable draping quote.

We provide the following types of drapery in any colour requirement:

  • Wedding draping
  • Ceiling draping
  • Marquee draping
  • Ribbon draping
  • Ceiling draping panels
  • Venue draping

Specialist Draping

We have no draping limitations, our professionals will deliver and install draping according to the space available, should there be no access points in the venue we will provide a pipe and pole structure to ensure that the draping is erected to your specific requirements.

We are specialist in the business and are proud to say that our team of draping experts will deliver on point every time. We understand that each venue varies which is why we have services to suite your needs.